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SE-1200 Emergency Shower with STEEL  eye/face wash basin

Emergency  Shower A floor mounted emergency deluge shower and eye/face wash combination station providing the highest level of performance and featuring an independent eye and face wash systems integrated into one, multi-functioning safety unit. The yellow ABS plastic basin is fitted with aerated sprays for eyewash comfort and innovative face pads for full face cleansing. Water flow is activated by a large stainless steel “push” handle with a stay-open valve for hands free operation.

With unrestricted access in mind the basin has been designed to allow it to be installed, either at a standard height or for wheelchair accessibility.

The deluge shower features an 8” impeller action showerhead with the option for the water to be supplied via the top or side (all fittings included), while the drain is elevated to promote eyewash testing and eliminate the risk of a trip hazard. All the pipe work is powder coated DuraJade™ green for enhanced corrosion resistance and activation of the shower is via a yellow aluminium “pull” triangle with stay-open ball valve for hands free use.

Additional Information

This unit should be connected to an uninterrupted source of portable water with a minimum flowing pressure of 30psi and a maximum static pressure of 125psi.

Flow pressure: 20psi 1.38bar
Flow rate: 75.7lpm

Eye/face wash
Flow pressure: 30psi 2.07bar
Flow rate: 18.5lpm